ATCO Roller Mowers

To achieve a classic stripe on your lawn, you will need a mower with a rear roller. The Atco Liner range features some of the finest rear rollers on the market. Atco are renowned for manufacturing rear roller lawn mowers that are designed to produce the high-class, wonderful striped lawn finish for the most discerning of British gardeners.

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Atco Liner 16S

One of the most compact petrol self-propelled roller mowers available, the high quality but affordable Liner 16S is an easy to manage machine that is ...
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Atco Liner 16SH

If you are maintaining a smaller lawn and like the idea of treating it to a smart striped finish, the Atco Liner 16SH - with its compact 41cm (16”) cu...
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Atco Liner 18SH

Enhance your lawn’s aesthetics by treating it to a smart striped finish with this classic petrol roller mower from trusted British brand Atco!Producin...
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Atco Liner 22SHV

Enjoy a host of premium features and create an attractive striped finish over a large area in quick time with the well equipped Atco Liner 22SH V!Key ...
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ATCO 80V 4Ah Battery

The 80V battery 4.0Ah can power 80 V products either used alone on a lawnmower or snow blower or used with the STIGA battery harness (sold separately)...
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ATCO 80V 5Ah Battery

The 80V battery 5.0Ah can power 80 V products either when directly plugged into the lawnmower or snow blower, or when used with the STIGA battery harn...
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ATCO Clipper 16 Mower

Get your hands on the precision engineered ATCO Clipper 16-cylinder mower and you’ll be able to create the sort of super neat, golf-green-style finish...
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